He knows where He’s leading us

One might ask, why am I here? We don’t remember our own birth and we don’t know when we will die, so we try to stave off the anxiety of our mortality. In the laze of light at the end of day, sometimes I remember. The sated moments are never accolades, but rather moments of loving well and being loved, experiencing the other through giving of self, the wonder of life and creation, the quiet voice of God when time seems to stand still. When we get off the fast train of consumerism that can’t deliver the joy it promises, we may find peace in Christ himself who gives abundant life. The life he gives is not without suffering, but the suffering has meaning because we are in a story far greater than ourselves. As the story unfolds and we play our unique role in it, we find hope because the infinite-personal God knows where he’s leading us. He’s leading us home.


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