Not Giving Up: The Value of Life

The Value of Life

Life. What a gift. Or so it should be. Imagine waking to a day of possibilities as promising as the sun warming your face, but the day takes a turn for the worse. You and your family are marched to the edge of the city to be “resettled” only because of your ethnicity. You are a Jew. As you reach the edge of the city, you realize the horror that awaits you, but it is too late. A corridor of soldiers blocks your escape. They ruthlessly murder you and 33,ooo others,throwing you into a ravine, Babi Yar, on the edge of Kiev.

It was a beautiful spring day last week when we walked along the grassy area that was the site of that massacre. I can never fathom racial hatred and prejudice. I grew up without it, except for a prejudice against those who are prejudiced. Still, it takes a step, many steps further descending into a murderous disdain for life and the accompanying pride that justifies it. Hell. And now reverse it to its polar opposite, and then some, so far removed as to be disconnected. This is where we find love and value for all life, all races of people, young or old, wealthy or poor. All of life bears the mark of its Creator, a glory and potential intended by Him. When connected with the grand designer and sustainer of life, every person has value and every day holds promise. He infuses desperate situations with hope, much like spring after winter.

We see both, heaven and hell, operating in the world. This morning I arranged a meeting with someone to collaborate to put a stop to a horrible situation of abuse at a facility for invalids in this part of the world. We can offer life and hope. We can battle the hatred for life that still raises its ugly head.

And what about you today? Do you see your life as bearing the mark of a wonderful designer who can renew you and inspire you to give life to others? Or do you want to give up because you can only see hopelessness camping out around your pain and making its home in the lies you believe about yourself, about life? Many have been there.

Let it go, I urge you. Be renewed today.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Jesus Christ


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  1. suzan says:

    AH YES, renewal! It reminds me that no two snowflakes or sunsets are alike. Our Creator delivers a masterpiece with every stroke of artistry He inspires. Even with us- he changes our hearts from old to new, continually shaping us to be more like Him!I pray that your work at the invalid facility is fruitful!

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