With great Power comes great Responsibility

In Spiderman 3, Spiderman fights his greatest battle: the battle within. Will pride win out as he uses his power for his own selfish aims or will he continue to be the magnanimous Spiderman who uses his power for good?

My heroes growing up were not caped crusaders, but strong leaders throughout history, such as Winston Churchill. He was one of my father’s greatest heroes which meant that he often quoted Churchill at the dinner table. I am my father’s daughter, so the influence remains. Churchill said it like this: “the price of greatness is responsibility”. When I look at his life, I am inspired by how he unwaveringly held to his convictions even when his views were not heeded and cost him personally. He went through a wilderness for more than a decade, but he took refuge in his close relationship with his family. Churchill began to warn Parliament in the early 1930’s of the impending threat of Hitler’s rise to power. His warnings went unheeded until he was eventually called upon to lead Britain to victory against great odds.

He was a man of conviction, a man of character who sought the truth and was willing to accept the responsibility required to do what had to be done. Giving in was not a choice. He was a man of deep contemplation and a man of action, yet he had a sense of humor about himself. He was acutely aware of his own weaknesses, but had the resolve to do what was required.

We all make choices every day.
We all go through wilderness times of self-doubt.
We all have responsibilities that we have to bear for the good of others.

Seemingly insignificant choices add up to enormous impact.

Take a moment to think about the following responsibilities:

1. Responsibility to pray
Many great battles are won in prayer. Prayer shows our dependence on God, even when we breathe a short prayer such as: “Help, God, I need You. Give me wisdom.” When our children become mature, they call on us less often. When we become mature, we call on God more often. The life of faith brings us to places where we are way outside our comfort zones and need God to come through for ourselves and others.

2. Responsibility to unwaveringly hold to convictions
Convictions are truths we obey without heed to our emotions, personal comfort or public opinion. Our resolve grows stronger every time we make the right decision and refuse to compromise. Can you keep your convictions even when no one sees or knows? God sees and honors a life lived for Him. Ultimately, the impact affects others.

Who knows how far-reaching the impact will be for good?

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  1. Roe says:

    Hi, Myra.Great entry! I was wondering if I can repost this on the Victory Fort Multiply site? Will make sure to provide a link so they will read more of your stuff. Your posts are very encouraging indeed and write so beautifully, too.

  2. Myra Watkins says:

    Sure, that’s fine.

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