Life has been Answered

This week I was wondering and pondering why so much time, energy and media attention is spent attempting to refute the claims of Jesus Christ. For one thing, it sells, but I also believe people can’t leave it alone because the divine pursuit of our hearts never ends – the audacity of His claim to be God in human form, the Savior of all mankind. If his claims are true, then every life has to confront that truth and deal with it in some way. There are many life questions people debate and think about.

How did all of this come into existence?
What is my purpose in life?
Why is there evil and suffering in the world?
Why am I the way I am?
Does unconditional love exist?
Is there a God?

If Jesus really was God in human form, lived a sinless life, performed miracles, died and rose again with the power to forgive our sins and bring us close to God for all eternity, then that means we can’t really ignore Him. We have to reject or accept Him. Accepting Him means that we let Him into our hearts to change us. But when we begin to realize His perfect goodness, wisdom and love, this new way of life is light years from living in the dark prison of our sin and selfishness.

His death and resurrection was a defining point in history. He could not have slipped away to a suburb of Jerusalem to live with a wife and child. He was too well-known. You can read the accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John of the Bible. Thousands saw Jesus die on the cross, witnessed the empty tomb and saw His resurrected body. His death was not staged.

Venture out and ask: “God, if you are real, if what the Bible says about Jesus is true, then reveal yourself to me.”

You can know for certain that life has been answered – the sheer wonder, power, passion, freedom and significance of it all. If you know it, proclaim it.

For further inquiry or insight, read “Can Man Live Without God” by Ravi Zacharias.

“Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life.” John 6:68


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  1. Kourtney Camcam says:

    hi myra. what a great blog site you have. i enjoyed reading all of your i understand why i haven’t seen you in the gym. i look forward to the next entry.

  2. rads says: sending this to an american friend who just asked me at least 2 of the 6 questions you posted.thanks for saving me the time and effort to summarize it all up the way you just did.surgically precise, the way you phrase words.

  3. karen aguilar says:

    Myra this site is great! You’re a good writer. It springs from the good deposit that God has given you.

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